Tota-lly tasty: Tota review

As promised off Choux Boy and I went to try the new Tota in Tooting for brunch on Saturday and boy did I need it after awaking to a white wine hangover at 7am thanks to the builders upstairs planing the floorboards directly above my head… I needed out of there. I needed coffee. And fast.

Tota Tooting

Although it was barely 11am when we arrived at Tota, its metal Trolix-style chairs (‘The only problem is they are rather slippy,’ noted the Boy) were already filling up. As soon as we were handed our menus (on a clipboard, printed on simple brown paper – I liked their style) we grunted ‘Latte.’ ‘Cappuccino.’ and got to the important stuff: what to eat.



Smashed avocado on granary toast topped with poached eggs and an OMG smoothie for me. Eggs Benedict for the Boy. Done.

The OMG arrived pleasingly large (I hate these wimpy smoothies that in one gulp they are gone) and just the right trade off between thick’n’smooth and fresh’n’juicy as I tried to slurp my way back to some degree of health.

Clockwise from left: Tota's monochrome facade, bills in cigar boxes, the OMG smoothie

Clockwise from left: Tota’s monochrome facade, bills in cigar boxes, the OMG smoothie

After a food false start (the table next to us ordered the exact same – we hungrily thought it was ours before it was cruelly swooped to the left), our brunch finally arrived. Looks test, tick. Gorgeously pale gooey hollandaise sauce was topped with a sprig of tarragon (Boy: ‘Nice touch.’), while a quick prod with the knife confirmed that my poachies were perfectly runny as they oozed canary yellow over the creamy avocado.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Smashed avocado

Smashed avocado

Although more creamy and guacamole-like that Cecconi’s amazingly chunky and tangy avocado on toast, the fresh chilli added a nice, hangover-helping kick and it all disappeared rather too quickly.

Now, bills are not usually my favourite things in restaurants, but Tota’s was positively welcome in its natty little vintage cigar box – and at only £4.20 for my eggy avocado and £6.50 for the Benedict the price was pretty pleasing too! Plus with so many options untried (pancake stack, fried eggs with chorizo and gruyere, hash browns – which looked more grated potato pancake than the standard breadcrumbed chunks – and of course the sausage sarnie and bloody mary) we will be back. Oh and they do dinner too. Tooting rocks.

102 Tooting High Street
SW17 0RR
020 8767 112


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5 responses to “Tota-lly tasty: Tota review

  1. Albion Dreamer

    Living in Tooting, I found this review really helpful! Can’t wait to try out Tota.

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post! Definitely another one to add to Ricks, The Antelope, Apollo Banana Leaf on my Tooting eating roster. Hoping to try the new Gorringe Park for pub lunch soon too!

  2. Albion Dreamer

    Yeah I’ve gone past Gorringe Park on the bus, looks like it has been done up nicely! The Selkirk is also a great one too, slightly hidden away but a great find once found.

  3. Ooh thanks for the tip – still pretty new to Tooting so always on the hunt for tasty places!

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